Assisted Living – Bringing Seniors’ Life Back to Normal

Assisted Living is an ideal senior housing alternative for the older adults who cannot live independently and require assistance with the daily living activities. These facilities can help bring your aging loved one’s life back to normal.

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  • Assisted Living facilities have experienced care coordinators who not only look after their safety, but also provide assistance with the daily living tasks. Your loved one may not be able to cook healthy meals, wash the dishes or get properly dressed without help. The caregivers of the community will provide proper assistance in daily living and help normalize their lives.
  • Seniors may not be able to prepare healthy meals for themselves due to aging or weakness. As a result, they rely on ready to eat products or skip their meals. Assisted Living Facilities offer a healthy and nutritious diet, which will improve their overall health.
  • Socialization is very important for a good physical and mental health. It is common for seniors to become isolated when living alone. However, the Assisted Living facilities provide them various opportunities to socialize with other residents. This will help them give the normalcy that they want to spend their retirement years comfortably.

If you are planning to move your aging loved one to an Assisted Living Facility, contact Always Best Care. It is a noted senior care organization that can help you find reputed Assisted Living Facilities in Fresno, CA. For more information about the services, call (855) 484-2378.


Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Dementia In Senior

Alzheimer’s and dementia are common among seniors. And, taking care of seniors suffering from such diseases is a difficult task, especially if you have no knowledge about the condition. However, there is no proper cure available for dementia but certainly, there are a number of preventive strategies available that can help reduce the risk of dementia for your aging loved one.

Regular exercise – A regular physical activity is very important for seniors to stay fit and active. It can benefit your loved one in a number of ways. Apart from improving the physical health, exercising regularly helps in improving the blood flow in the body that further boosts the mental health.

Healthy diet – Apart from exercising, make sure your loved one eats a healthy and a well-balanced diet that should include enough fresh fruits and vegetables. You can consult the doctor to get the diet plan according to your senior’s health and ensure that they follow it religiously.

Quality sleep – Seniors need proper sleep for a healthy body and mind. Fix their bedtime and ensure they follow it properly.

However, you can also consider hiring an experienced in-home caregiver for your senior suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. An in-home care provider will look after your senior’ safety but also ensure that all their needs are met on time.

When looking for an in-home senior care provider in Hanford California, contact Always Best Care today. It is a leading senior care organization that has highly trained, bonded, and insured caregivers who ensure to provide top-notch senior care services in the region.

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Looking for in-home care services in Fresno? Things to consider

In-home care services are increasingly becoming a popular option among the seniors who require assistance with the basic daily living activities yet wants to stay independent for as long as possible. However, choosing the best in-home care service is not as easy as it seems to be. There are a number of things that you need to consider in order to single out the best in-home senior care provider in Hanford California. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Experience – This is one of the most important things that you need to consider while choosing an in-home caregiver for your aging loved one. Make sure that the individual has years of experience in the field and also a good reputation in the industry.
  • Credentials – Go through all the credentials of a caregiver before making a final decision. In addition, run a thorough background check. You can even go through the reviews and testimonials from the previous clients to be sure that you are hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured caregiver.
  • Specialized care – As people age, they often suffer from different mental conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. So, make sure to choose a care provider who is expert in taking care of seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other mental health problem.

The aforementioned are some of the things if considered can help you choose the best in-home care provider for your aging loved one at home. Always Best Care has highly qualified and experienced in-home care providers in Fresno who ensure to provide the best senior care services in the region.

To know more about the services, call at (855) 484-2378.


How to Manage Diabetes in Seniors?

In America, 29.1 million people have diabetes, from which, only 21.0 million are diagnosed. Many of diabetes patients are older adults, who struggle to manage the condition due to their declining health and other issues. However, managing diabetes can be simpler, if you know what to do. Here are a few tips that can help seniors manage their diabetes.

  • Exercising is essential, when you have diabetes. Regular exercise will help you use insulin and control blood glucose levels. In addition, it’ll help you reduce the extra weight.
  • You should opt for a healthy diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. Moreover, you should avoid the foods that can affect your blood sugar levels.
  • It’s advised to stay as hydrated as possible, as it can help control blood sugar. In addition, water can flush toxins out of your system.
  • When it comes to meals, it is important to stick to a regular schedule. It can help in controlling metabolism and reduce the risk of fluctuations in blood sugar levels. It may also help in weight loss, if combined with regular exercise.

With these tips, seniors can manage their diabetes. However, they might need regular care, support and assistance in daily living to battle the disease. Family members can provide the care seniors need. And if they can’t due to other responsibilities, then hiring in-home care providers from a noted Fresno firm is an option.

Always Best Care offers top-notch senior care services for clients in the region with trained caregivers. Call today at (855) 484-2378 to know more.

Why Your Senior Years Can Be the Best Years of Your Life

Growing older certainly has its set of challenges. Between some cognitive decline and memory loss, to loss of mobility, aches and pains due to various physical ailments, growing older can be rough. But, have you ever considered that there are actually many great reasons why growing older can be the best years of your life? Read on to discover!

    • Grandchildren. It seems that most grandparents agree that they have a better relationship with their grandchildren than they do with their own children. It does seem as if they are more naturally aligned, and they can learn from each other along the way while having fun and bonding.
    • Time is on your side. Regardless of how you might feel as you grow older (that time is running out) you actually have more time on your side because being retired; your days are your own to do with as you please.
    • You’re happier than the younger generations. Research has indicated that seniors have better coping skills and therefore are more adaptable to various intense situations. This makes them, overall, happier.
    • You’ve gained wisdom. Having lived for six or so decades, you’ve gained a lot of wisdom along the way. This wisdom can be used to help your own children and grandchildren. And to help you make wiser decisions in the future.
    • Volunteer opportunities. With more time on your hands, you can now pursue volunteer opportunities and in return reap great rewards such as a more positive outlook on life and a greater sense of purpose.
    • Follow your dreams. When you were in your 40’s and 50’s, you didn’t have time to pursue your dreams, whatever they might be. Now, you’re retired and you can pursue your dream of writing the great American novel, traveling the world, creating a photography book, opening an online business, whatever your heart desires.

For the past 20 years, Always Best Care has been in the business of senior care giving. With locations all over the United States and Canada, they employ only the finest, most compassionate and dedicated caregivers. If you are a senior living in the Fresno area and would like information about elder care assistance in Fresno or free referrals for assisted living facilities in Fresno CA, call the Always Best Care Fresno location at 855-484-2378 today. They look forward to talking with you!

Do You Know Your Skin Cancer Risk Factors?

Do you know what the most common form of cancer is in the United States? Yes, it’s skin cancer. And it’s likely due to the fact that the skin is the largest organ on the body, and it is directly exposed, sometimes on a daily basis, to everything that can damage it, pollutants, UV lights, and more. Learn about your risks for developing skin cancer and the best way to avoid it:

  1. Your skin type. People who are fair skinned have a greater chance of developing skin cancer because they have likely had more sun burns. People in this group should always wear SPF 15 or higher sunscreen and seek shade during the times when the sun is at its peak. Those with darker or olive skin tones have a lower chance of developing skin cancer, but should still take precautionary measures.
  2. Too much sun. If you love soaking in the sun you raise your chances of developing skin cancer. Over exposure to sunlight means increased number of wrinkles as well as getting them at a younger age. It’s also true for the possibility of developing skin cancer.
  3. Using a tanning bed. Today’s culture dictates that tanned skin is beautiful skin, which has thousands of people flocking to tanning beds. Very similar to too much skin exposure, lying in tanning beds and booths will increase your chances of skin cancer due to too much exposure to UV rays.
  4. Family history. One of the biggest skin cancer risk factors is whether or not a close family member has previously developed the disease.
  5. Age. As people get older, their risk for developing skin cancer increases because of the cumulative exposure to the sun.

To help lower your chances of developing skin cancer, make sure to wear a hat on sunny days, wear suntan lotion with an SPF of 15 or higher, stay out of the noonday sun, wear sunglasses (to protect your eyes), and see your doctor regularly for all-over body skin checks.

Are you a senior living in the Fresno area? Would you like to learn about senior care in Fresno CA or elder care in Hanford California? Contact the Always Best Care in Fresno at 855-484-2378 to set up your own free care consultation. They look forward to hearing from you!

Why You Should Never Underestimate The Value Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Let’s face it; we all already know that sleep is good for us. There is no denying that after a good night’s sleep, we wake up and feel refreshed, happy, and ready to conquer the day. Those days when we get limited or broken sleep, we wake up feeling sluggish, in a bad mood, and just wanted to curl up and fall back to sleep.

It’s obvious that sleep has a powerful affect on our mood, but did you know that it affects just about every other aspect of our being as well? Read on:

  • Cancer prevention. A rise in melatonin levels in your body at nighttime has actually been proven to combat cancer. People who don’t sleep well at night, or who work the night shift, are at an increased risk of developing cancer due to the lower amount of melatonin their body is producing.
  • Memory improvement. Although it’s still a mystery, when we sleep, our brain is still working overtime. But this is a good thing, because this activity is necessary for our brain to make lasting connections and memories for us. A good night’s sleep improves memory and allows us to process ideas and thoughts more easily.
  • Heart health. By getting between 7-9 hours of sleep, you are improving your heart health. Most heart attacks and strokes take place in the morning, and this might be because of how blood vessels and sleep interact with each other. Decreased sleep often raises blood pressure and cholesterol, thereby increasing the risk for heart problems.
  • Reduces risk of depression. When we sleep, our levels of serotonin increase. Depression is caused by a lack of serotonin or lower-than-usual levels. Get 7-9 hours to help reduce your risk of depression.
  • Repairs damage. While you’re snoozing away, your body is at work repairing all of the damage that’s been done to it including UV ray damage and the affects of stress. While you sleep, protein is produced and these are the molecules that help to repair the damage that’s been done to the body.

If you live in the Fresno area and are interested in learning about in-home senior care in Hanford California, or about your other options regarding senior care in Fresno CA, you can contact the Always Best Care Fresno location at 1-855-484-2378 or email to set up a free care consultation. They look forward to hearing from you!

The Best Gifts For Seniors

It seems there’s always a reason to buy someone a gift – whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, an anniversary, there is never any shortage of gift-giving days, but there are, however, a shortage of great gift ideas. Seniors can be especially difficult to buy for because sometimes it seems like they’ve got everything they need, after all, they’ve had many birthdays, many holidays, and so they’ve so far received many, many gifts. But fret not; here are some tried and true gift ideas for seniors that will make their heart happy:

  • Gift Certificates. Many seniors love eating out so a gift card to their favorite restaurant makes a great gift. Also consider a gift certificate to their local grocery store.
  • Customized gifts like scrapbooks and videos are especially dear to seniors when their entire family is involved. It’s a perfect keepsake they can look at over and over and the love involved will shine through.
  • Clothes or a gift card to a clothing store. Seniors don’t buy themselves a lot of clothes, after all, they are likely retired and don’t have to go to the office, and they often don’t justify spending money on clothes. Socks, sweaters, pants, all articles of clothing will be appreciated.
  • Customized gift baskets make a great gift because you can fill them with a variety of items that the senior loves. Whether it’s soaps, perfume, lotions, chocolates, cheeses, sauces, sausage, gift cards, books, etc.
  • Cozy blankets and throws never go unused, especially in a senior’s house. They are often inexpensive and can be soft as butter. If you want to, big box stores often offer the ability to customize throws with a special picture.
  • Give the senior the gift of technology with a Smart phone or a tablet. This is a great gift because they will be able to keep in touch with the family and they can use the tablet as a means of entertainment by watching shows and movies.

Always Best Care has been in the senior care giving industry for the past 20 years. Serving seniors all over the United States and Canada, they take pride in the exceptional care provided by their dedicated caregivers. If you are interested in learning about elder care assistance in Fresno CA or senior home care services in Hanford, contact the Always Best Care Fresno location today at 1-855-484-2378 to set up a free consultation.

How To Find A Hobby You’ll Love

With age comes some amount of privilege, and one of those privileges is having the free time to take up creative pursuits like hobbies. After childhood, most of us think we don’t have time to pursue a hobby, and we usually don’t, however, hobbies can be your best friend during times when you are feeling lonely, and they can also encourage longevity.

11If you’re retired there are a number of ways that you can spend your time and it all might seem a bit overwhelming. What should you do? Where should you go? Should you go back to school? Should you take a community class? What types of things do you like doing? Since money is time and time is money, being retired is almost akin to winning the lottery – the lottery of time. That’s why when you make a decision to fill your time with something specific, try and make sure it’s the right hobby for you.

Lots of people take up some sort of sport as a hobby. These people are generally competitive and have a lot of energy. Hobbies in the sports category might include bowling, golf, playing bridge, or even playing poker. There are leagues to join and you can do it with a spouse or a friend regularly, which will give you reason to practice and joy when you improve and win.

If you’re a technically minded person you can take up something like Ham Radio. Most popular back in the 1970’s, they are perfect for people who want to connect with others in faraway places and who enjoy being able to communicate during crises when no other type of communication is available.

Do you love a specific war? Some people are fascinated by the Civil War, or the Revolutionary War, whatever “floats your boat” can be the launching pad for your hobby including creating shadow boxes of war scenes, painting war characters, building a chess set of war figurines, and more. Decide what you love and bounce ideas off from there. If gardening isn’t your thing, but you love exotic plants, find a course nearby that you can take, or make yourself a catalogue of exotic plants for your own viewing. The world, as they say, is your oyster.

If you’re interested in learning about elder care services in Hanford or want to find out more about Dementia care in Fresno CA, you can call the Always Best Care Fresno location at 1-855-484-2378 to set up a free consultation. They look forward to hearing from you!

Don’t Let These Common Household Items Hurt Your Pet

Our pets are our buddies. They follow us around, they pick us up when we are feeling down, and they make us laugh when we are sad with their cute little antics. We want to provide for them, and we want to protect them. So, keep in mind these everyday household items that can cause Fido or Fluffy extraordinary harm.

  • Wires and cords. Electronics are a staple these days. Homes are filled with errant cords that are too long, wrap around each other, and are unsightly. But, not only do they look hideous, they also pose a tremendous health hazard to your cat. Cats love to bite things, and to claw at things, and a frisky cat can easily find herself choking in a wire that’s too long, or electrocuted after biting a live cord. Wrap the cords in a plastic sheath (there are even ones specifically made to ward off your cat’s attention), or spray them with a repellant, non-toxic spray.
  • Bleach-based cleaning products. Many of us use bleach-based cleaning products for kitchens and bathrooms. Just a tiny amount can cause a cat or dog irreparable harm to their throat, food pipe and mouth. If you’ve been working with bleach-based cleaning products, make sure the area is dry before your pet comes back into the room.
  • Certain foods such as coffee grounds, dark chocolate, diet pills, macadamia nuts, vitamin supplements, grapes and raisins, cough drops, and even tea, can pose a danger to dogs and cats. Although it’s tempti2016JunTue14671308521614344329

    ng to feed your pet the food you’re eating, refrain because you never quite know if it can cause more harm than good.

  • Human medications. Yes, they’re good for us – things like ibuprofen, heart medications, ADD medications, antidepressants, and other pain relievers, but they can cause things as serious as kidney failure and stomach ulcers in your beloved pet.

If you live in the Fresno area and are interested in learning about elder care in Fresno California or geriatric care in Hanford California, you can call the Always Best Care Fresno location at 1-855-484-2378 and set up a free consultation. With 20 years of care giving experience, Always Best Care has a trusted reputation both in the United States and Canada for compassionate and dedicated senior in-home care.