Don’t Let These Common Household Items Hurt Your Pet

Our pets are our buddies. They follow us around, they pick us up when we are feeling down, and they make us laugh when we are sad with their cute little antics. We want to provide for them, and we want to protect them. So, keep in mind these everyday household items that can cause Fido or Fluffy extraordinary harm.

  • Wires and cords. Electronics are a staple these days. Homes are filled with errant cords that are too long, wrap around each other, and are unsightly. But, not only do they look hideous, they also pose a tremendous health hazard to your cat. Cats love to bite things, and to claw at things, and a frisky cat can easily find herself choking in a wire that’s too long, or electrocuted after biting a live cord. Wrap the cords in a plastic sheath (there are even ones specifically made to ward off your cat’s attention), or spray them with a repellant, non-toxic spray.
  • Bleach-based cleaning products. Many of us use bleach-based cleaning products for kitchens and bathrooms. Just a tiny amount can cause a cat or dog irreparable harm to their throat, food pipe and mouth. If you’ve been working with bleach-based cleaning products, make sure the area is dry before your pet comes back into the room.
  • Certain foods such as coffee grounds, dark chocolate, diet pills, macadamia nuts, vitamin supplements, grapes and raisins, cough drops, and even tea, can pose a danger to dogs and cats. Although it’s tempti2016JunTue14671308521614344329

    ng to feed your pet the food you’re eating, refrain because you never quite know if it can cause more harm than good.

  • Human medications. Yes, they’re good for us – things like ibuprofen, heart medications, ADD medications, antidepressants, and other pain relievers, but they can cause things as serious as kidney failure and stomach ulcers in your beloved pet.

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