Why You Should Never Underestimate The Value Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Let’s face it; we all already know that sleep is good for us. There is no denying that after a good night’s sleep, we wake up and feel refreshed, happy, and ready to conquer the day. Those days when we get limited or broken sleep, we wake up feeling sluggish, in a bad mood, and just wanted to curl up and fall back to sleep.

It’s obvious that sleep has a powerful affect on our mood, but did you know that it affects just about every other aspect of our being as well? Read on:

  • Cancer prevention. A rise in melatonin levels in your body at nighttime has actually been proven to combat cancer. People who don’t sleep well at night, or who work the night shift, are at an increased risk of developing cancer due to the lower amount of melatonin their body is producing.
  • Memory improvement. Although it’s still a mystery, when we sleep, our brain is still working overtime. But this is a good thing, because this activity is necessary for our brain to make lasting connections and memories for us. A good night’s sleep improves memory and allows us to process ideas and thoughts more easily.
  • Heart health. By getting between 7-9 hours of sleep, you are improving your heart health. Most heart attacks and strokes take place in the morning, and this might be because of how blood vessels and sleep interact with each other. Decreased sleep often raises blood pressure and cholesterol, thereby increasing the risk for heart problems.
  • Reduces risk of depression. When we sleep, our levels of serotonin increase. Depression is caused by a lack of serotonin or lower-than-usual levels. Get 7-9 hours to help reduce your risk of depression.
  • Repairs damage. While you’re snoozing away, your body is at work repairing all of the damage that’s been done to it including UV ray damage and the affects of stress. While you sleep, protein is produced and these are the molecules that help to repair the damage that’s been done to the body.

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